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We found Ken in pure desperation to help with parenting our three teenagers. We had several coaches to choose from but decided to work with Ken because he appeared to understand exactly what we were experiencing. Personally, when working on parenting, it’s incredibly freeing to know someone has seen it all. Ken offers support and advice at a trying time, with no judgment. His common-sense approach resonated with us, and we learned many valuable skills. We continue to work with Ken, and as a result, our relationship with our children has improved.

Shane and Rachel

Parenting stress can be experienced in a varying of degrees of intensity and how we interpret this experience will determine our behavior (the action we take). My husband and I were repeating the same thing over and over but expecting different results each time. Every failed attempt lead to heavier feelings of unhappiness and frustration. Hesitantly, we reached out to Ken for parent-coaching and personal development. His easy going nature was a relief along with his insight that shed light on our patterns. His questions brought transformational talks and a deeper awareness to our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that contributed to unwanted behaviors. We full-heartedly recommend Ken’s coaching to anyone struggling with family and or personal issues.

Jeff and Karen

After my first coaching session, as I was leaving, Ken said “the real work starts now” He had given me some homework and talked about the application of what I was learning to be the most important part. He told me that I could call him if I was stuck or experiencing a crisis. This additional support was comforting, and I took him up on this several times as implementing the ideas and strategies was hard for me. Ken keeps it real, and I appreciate that about him. I would highly recommend Ken as a parent coach.


“I met Ken Froese at a time when I did not think I could cope any longer with my 16 year old son. Ken had a way of putting things into perspective and helped me understand that there are many other ways to look at situations with my son and to realize that just like myself, he has the power of choice. I had some one on one coaching sessions with Ken and also participated in a 4 week parenting workshop that was very beneficial on how to not only interact with my son in a ‘different way’ but to try and understand his thought process as well. The knowledge I took away from Ken’s workshop have given me the hope and strength I need to move forward, not only for me but my son. And, most importantly I have realized everything will be ok and to never give up on my son, and that it’s not the end of the world as I thought it was. I would recommend Ken to any parent or teen struggling. He is compassionate, understanding, caring, knowledgeable, honest, easy to talk to and reliable.”


“Ken’s support and guidance has been our salvation during the most difficult time of our lives. He has focused on the only thing we can control in this situation: our behaviour. Every meeting with Ken leaves us with concrete and specific strategies and a sense of hope. We are calmer, more consistent and more courageous. We highly recommend Ken’s expertise to any parent going through a challenging time with their teenager.”

Val and Randy

“Ken has been a wonderful resource, supporting us through a very difficult time with our teenager. He offered us many helpful suggestions and always asked us what we felt comfortable doing. We never felt pressured or stressed about the decisions we made. Ken was always quick to respond to our phone calls, especially during stressful times. He was not only easy to talk to but was also a good listener. We would highly recommend him to anyone having difficulty parenting a teenager.”

Dave and Jan

“Ken is a compassionate man with a soul deep understanding of the needs of bewildered, frightened, angry parents dealing with extremely difficult teens. He understands a difficult teen’s self loathing, contempt and insecurity; and he knows that regular, good parenting skills do not always work with these teens. Ken helped us deal with the real grieving we’ve had to move through as we learned to let go of the child and learn how to reach our difficult teen. Ken’s coaching, which comes from years of experience, made dealing with social service agencies manageable. Ken is helping us rediscover our parenting skills and confidence and he is helping us develop the new skills necessary to bring us back to a positive relationship with our daughter. Most importantly, Ken is squarely in our corner. The planets were truly lined up the day we found Ken and asked for his help.”

Chris and David

“As parents struggling with a difficult teen, we often found ourselves vacillating between various approaches to parenting. Anxiety and inconsistency reigned. Ken helped us to work out strategies tailored to our personal situation which resulted in us having more confidence and a more consistent approach. Having him as a resource helped us to focus on some key areas of concern, lowered our stress level and helped to improve our relationship with our son. Ken brings experience and creativeness and consistent with his approach to dealing with teens, he developed a relationship with us that went far beyond our expectations.”

Matthew and Gillian

“I am a mother of a very trying 16 year old boy. We have struggled for many years. I have tried it all with no success. My son would not listen to rules, attend school, and has been in trouble with the law. I was at the end of my rope. Then I found Ken. He has given me the tools I need to effectively communicate with my son, take charge of difficult situations and practical advice that truly works!!”


“Ken was instrumental in helping me recognize and improve my parenting skills. After just a couple of sessions, it was clear that a positive change was inevitable. It is one thing to read books, attend lectures, engage psychologists, but I found that actually applying those ideas very difficult. Ken was able to put things in perspective and help guide me in new approaches that have been truly successful. I have never heard of working with a “Parenting Coach” before, but after other alternatives were not showing results, I decided to meet with Ken. His approach is unique and I highly recommend anyone with issues to absorb what Ken can offer.”


Parenting a teenager or young adult can be a significant challenge, but a happier, healthier, and more respectful relationship is possible.

Parent Coaching with Ken can help.