Coaching Options

Single Session Coaching

Sometimes all that is required is one session. These are 60 minutes and are great for parents who are “stuck” and/or may be experiencing a crisis situation with their teenager and are in need of immediate support. The cost is $150/session.

Coaching Bundle

Parents will get the most out of 4 coaching sessions spread out over a period of one month. The cost for the bundle is $550. This coaching bundle allows for the building of a solid foundation and ample opportunity to implement and practice what is learned in the coaching sessions.

Crisis Support – The reality of life is that a lot can happen between coaching sessions. Sometimes immediate support is required. This support is built into the coaching bundle and comes with no extra cost.


Coaching sessions can be done over the phone, by videoconference, or in person (if you live in Calgary). Daytime and evening sessions are available any day of the week.

FAQs about Parent Coaching

Is Parent Coaching covered under my Health Benefits Plan?

The cost of parent coaching is not covered under your health benefits. Consider it as investment in yourself and your relationship with your teenager.

What is the difference between parent coaching and therapy?


  • typically focuses on issues of pathology, unresolved psychological issues of the past, and healing.
  • frequently uses diagnoses and can last anywhere from weeks to years.

Parent coaching:

  • looks forward, deals in the present, seeks to educate, and does not diagnose. While the past may be discussed, it is addressed in the context of discovering what is blocking the client from moving forward.
  • uses tools and the most current research to help you develop the skills you need to parent your teenager.
Will you meet with my teenager or us as a family?

No. Parent coaching is designed to help you become the agent of change for your teenager. A parent coach helps from behind the scenes.

Parenting a teenager or young adult can be a significant challenge, but a happier, healthier, and more respectful relationship is possible.

Parent Coaching with Ken can help.